Artist Statement

I aim to make sculpture that embodies my love of form with my experiences, memories and feelings about the world.  Traveling through six continents, working as a jack of many trades, and pursuing formal studies ranging from philosophy to engineering to fine art, has helped me develop a broad and eclectic perspective on the human experience.  It is the sum of my perspective, passions, attitudes, and impressions that I wish to put into solid form.
My imaginative patterns radiate between figurative and geometric abstraction. I choose to work in metal because I love the feel and process of working it in all of its various forms.  More so, metal’s endurance, strength, and weight offer a beautiful contrast to the ephemeral nature of the attitudes that I wish to portray in the organo-geometric forms that I create. My intention is to capture these fleeting moments in permanence allowing them to challenge the viewer to consider their conversation and questions, and ultimately provide an object for potentially revolutionary reflection and imagination.
I intend to tantalize the sense of beauty in the heart while hopefully taking a humorous poke at logic and reason.


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