Revolutionary design in the art of fire



Please read the following carefully before using your LoFerno fire pit 

        1. Never use the LoFerno fire pit indoors.  Please use it only outdoors in a well ventilated space.

        1. Use the LoFerno fire pit well away from combustible surfaces such as buildings, trees, awnings, etc.

        1. Use the LoFerno fire pit on a level non-combustible surface such as concrete, decorative pavers, or metal hearth pad.  (Do not use directly on wood decks)

        1.  Use the LoFerno fire pit at least 15 feet away from structures (houses, sheds, garages, etc.).  Do not use under awnings or other roof structure.  Do not use under low hanging trees.

        1.  Do not climb or play on the LoFerno fire pit.  Do not use it as a stool.

        1.  Do not lean on the LoFerno fire pit when it is burning.

        1. Adding fuel through the top is easy, but please be mindful of loose and flammable clothing.

        1. You will only need a small amount of charcoal lighter fluid to start the fire.  (A small amount of newspaper added below the wood will help).  Do not use gasoline or other highly flammable liquids.

        1. Do not attempt to move the LoFerno fire pit when it is burning.  If necessary you can extinguish the fire quickly with a few gallons of water in a pail.  Slowly pour the water into the bowl, then remove the tower with a broom handle, then stir the coals slightly to ensure they are extinguished.

        1. Do not let water stand in the bowl for a long time.  A hole is provided in the bottom for drainage, it may need to be cleared occasionally with a stick.