The Pierogi Project



The Pierogi Project is a community celebration and awareness project that will result in a 17 foot tall sculpture with a bronze pierogi pierced by a fork mounted on a masonry base.  The four sides of the base will contain as many as possible of the names of pierogi style foods from around the world.  The idea behind this landmark sculpture is to commemorate the inter-connectedness of Minneapolis cultures through this ubiquitous style of food - and just plain fun.

The Pierogi Project was conceived and designed by Jeff Lohaus with the generous support of Forecast Public Art with a research and development grant. 

To provide a portion of the funding for this project, Jeff Lohaus will be creating small models (maquettes) of the pierogi sculpture.  A 7-inch tall model will be cast in both pewter and bronze and sold in a signed limited edition of 250.  And, a 15-inch tall model will be cast in bronze and also sold in a signed limited edition of 100.  The sale of these models will help pay for the cost of building this sculpture and give local residents and businesses, and supporters everywhere, a chance to “own” a genuine replica of the sculpture and demonstrate their support for this community project.

You can find information about the maquettes HERE.