Revolutionary design in the art of fire



The LoFerno fire pit  was born in an attempt to get attention from crowds that visited the open studio events in the old warehouse where I have my sculpture studio.  The first model was built from the left over pieces of failed sculptures and set ablaze on the loading dock outside the studio.  It performed its task brilliantly.  But, when the crowds came down the dock to see what was going on they were as interested in the fire pit as they were in my sculpture.  So, I quickly set to refining my design to what you see on the other pages of this site.

The LoFerno was launched in March 2008 and has been slowly and steadily growing since then.  I now have several fire bowl designs available, and three tower designs, and new designs of both are on the drawing board.  I would be happy to design and exclusive tower for you, or, incorporate your design into one of my towers.

 Thank you for checking out this site.

Jeff Lohaus

Size and Technical info


Overall height of tower and bowl as pictured above: 38 inches

The fire bowl alone stands 21 and 1/2 inches tall and is 29 inches wide.

The fire tower alone stands 23 inches tall and is 10 inches wide at the top and 15 inches wide at the bottom.


 The LoFerno is built from minimum 1/4 inch steel plate for maximum durability.  While heavy at 100# for both pieces (the fire bowl weighs 65 pounds and the fire tower weighs 35 pounds) it is still reasonably portable.




The LoFerno Fire pit warranty

The LoFerno bowl and tower section are warranted against welds breaking or any part rusting through for seven years from the date of purchase.

This warranty is void when the LoFerno is used continuously in a salt water environment such as on the seashore.  

 In the event of a claim, The LoFerno Company will either repair or replace the Loferno.  The decision will be that of the LoFerno Company.

This limited warranty does not cover any damages resulting from the use or misuse of the fire pit either directly of indirectly.  The LoFerno Company makes no other warranty expressed or implied.  This warranty is only made to the original purchaser of the LoFerno.


Big Box fire pits are cheap

Why should I buy a LoFerno fire pit?

This one will LAST!

  1.  Built to last - LoFerno fire pits are crafted from 1/4 inch plate steel.  That is 4 to 5 times as thick as the Big Box fire pits.

    1. This means it will not rust out for generations (think of all that turn of the century machinery sitting in farmyards across the country)

    2. It will not blow away in any wind that will not take your house with it

    3. It cannot be easily carried away (as in stolen)

    4. It weighs #100lbs - you can feel the value.

  2. More heat from the same amount of wood.

    1. The patented tower section hold the fire above the rim of the bowl

    2. Average temp when the fire is going good is 1400F

    3. More heat radiates horizontally and in 360 degrees so you and your friends can sit all around it (unlike a chimenea where only one or two people can fight to see the hole)

  3. A more complete burn - very small (if any) log ends at the end of the night to clean up

  4. It looks nicer when it burns.  More of the fire is visible through the tower cut outs which add to the aesthetic and mesmerizing effect.