Revolutionary design in the art of fire




"I noticed a big difference in heat output between the fire in the old fire pit and the Loferno. It is not freezing here, but it is cool while you are sitting around. The Loferno put out enough heat for the upper body to at least warm one side of me to keep me comfortable on all these cool spring nights. I could easily use a seat cushion to insulate me on the other side.
The old fire pit left me cool all over and considering an early de-camp to the inside. It wasn't cutting it at all. I had to practically lean over the fire and continuously tend it to keep some warmth coming. I never had to tend the Loferno fires, just feed them. If I wasn't warm enough, I just scooted closer.
I might need a back yard Loferno too...and a bigger wood pile.

--- Todd Osborn, Emporia, Kansas

We use our LoFerno at our cabin, lakeside on a sandy beach.  Evenings can get cool so fire pits are nearly a necessity.  Recently, we had overnight guests and had a dozen or so enjoying the fire.  The LoFerno’s design works well to put out sufficient heat and a beautiful glow with relatively small amounts of wood. The “chimney effect” produces a nice flame without much tending.  Extinguishing the fire is a breeze too.  The basin retains water just long enough to put out the embers.  As an unexpected bonus, we were happy the LoFerno is heavy enough to stay in place during high winds.  We no longer worry if our fire pit will blow away over night.  Thanks tons!!

The McGillivray’s, Omaha, NE

The LoFerno is the perfect addition to our outdoor living.  The unique design of the tower is both functional and beautiful.  We are building more fires since we have the LoFerno because it’s so easy to use. 
Our kids love LoFerno because the design is perfect for marshmallow and hot dog roasting!  No more searching for the perfect flame.  The LoFerno channels just enough heat to gently cook marshmallows for the perfect smores.  LoFerno is also a welcome companion when it’s time to relax and gaze at the stars in the sky.  Its warmth is welcoming and it adds just the right twinkle to the mood.

Kathy, Duncan Lakes, NE