To finance a portion of this project the artist, Jeff Lohaus, is selling maquettes (small models) of the sculpture.

7-inch tall pewter maquettes and 7-inch tall bronze maquettes

will be each cast in limited editions of 250.

Pewter maquettes are for sale at $100

Bronze maquettes are for sale at $250

Also, 15-inch tall bronze maquettes will be cast in a limited edition of 100 for corporate, business, and generous supporters who would like to demonstrate a significant level of support for this community development project.

All proceeds from the sale of these maquettes go toward the building of this landmark sculptue.


Here is photo of the pewter maquette.  Each is number stamped on the front and signed on the bottom by the artist.


Here is a photo of the bronze maquette.  Each is cast with the edition number on the front and the artsit’s signature on the back.


Below is a photo of the large bronze maquette.  These will be made to order and will require about 2 weeks lead time.

50 of these will be sold for $1000 each.

50 will be sold for $2500 each with the buyers name engraved on the base of the large sculpture in permanent recognition of your generous support for the community building project.



The Pierogi Project